iTunes 11 to get revamped UI, iCloud and iBooks integration? [RUMOUR MILL]

iTunes 11 to get revamped UI, iCloud and iBooks integration? [RUMOUR MILL]

Image: Asdelpar/DeviantArt

Get the Rumour Mill churning. Latest Apple rumours are pointing towards an iTunes upgrade coming soon, with version 11 having a brand new user interface, full scale merger between the iTunes store and integration with iBooks and iCloud.

According to sources talking to iDonwloadBlog, the user interface is to be revamped from the ground up to be cleaner and “slick”. This would mean the first change in the UI since the very first addition, rather than changing the colour scheme; in addition, since it is being coded from the ground up, it could mean that it could run faster rather than being bloated as it is today.

In addition, iCloud and the iTunes Store are set to be integrated within the application – with the iTunes Store said to be like Spotify in the US and the UK. iCloud will also provide a way to backup songs and application data to iTunes, meaning that your entire records from Angry Birds will not be lost when you sync your computers.

Meanwhile, subtly added to a report by Boy Genius Report, the new version of iTunes is set to be released in September alongside the release of iOS 5 and iCloud. It is also said that it will finally let you read iBooks that you have purchased, rather than simply store them and then sync them to your iOS device to read them.

But if it means a less than bloated version of iTunes? I’m happy.

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