IT'S OVER! Nokia and Apple settle patent dispute, Nokia the victor.

IT'S OVER! Nokia and Apple settle patent dispute, Nokia the victor.

Image Credits: William Hook/Flickr (Creative Commons)


And just when you thought both sides would be unwilling to move from their positions, Nokia has announced that its patent lawsuit against Apple has now been settled. But who is the victor in this case? Well, it’s Nokia. Wait, what?

It was Nokia who announced the deal on a press release (Apple was reached for comment, but have not responded). The deal includes the end of all legal suits between the two companies in the United States, Europe and with the International Trade Commission.

Apple will pay a one-time payment to Nokia in terms of compensation. In addition, Apple will pay on-going royalties to Nokia over technologies it uses for the iPhone, which include the touch interface, caller ID and even 3G and Wi-Fi technology. Apple countersued, claiming that Nokia infringed on their patents. The actual amount has not been disclosed.

“We are very pleased to have Apple join the growing number of Nokia licensees,” Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, said in a statement.

“This settlement demonstrates Nokia’s industry leading patent portfolio and enables us to focus on further licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market.”

Of course, the deal is most likely to have a positive impact for Nokia’s financial statements. It’s stock price in Helsinki is currently trading 2.7% higher. It also allows Nokia to stop spending huge amounts of money defending its case in three different forums.

However, Apple could be unscathed with the development. According to FOSS Patents (who also has a full analysis on the patents in question):

… this is a sweet defeat for Apple because its competitors — especially those building Android-based devices — will also have to pay Nokia, and most if not all of them will likely have to pay more on a per-unit basis because they don’t bring as much intellectual property to the table as Apple definitely did.

Well, is Nokia about to sue HTC? Time will only tell.

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