IT'S HAPPENING! Netflix officially launching in AU and NZ on March 24

IT'S HAPPENING! Netflix officially launching in AU and NZ on March 24

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UPDATED: Pricing Officially Announced 

Yes, it’s finally happening. Netflix have officially announced that they’ll be launching in Australia and New Zealand on the 24th of March. Sure, we’ve known that Netflix would be launching in Australia sometime soon but now we have official word from the company! From March 24, users will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of movies and TV shows in HD or Ultra HD 4K where available (and if your internet connection can support it). In additional to Netflix original series Marco Polo and House of Cards, users can also enjoy exclusive content from distributors including Roadshow Entertainment, ABC and The Walt Disney Company.

Of course, Netflix will be available on all major Australian broadband providers, however, Customers of iiNet will enjoy unmetered Netflix content thanks to the first un-metering agreement between iiNet and Netflix. “Offering our customers quota-free access to Netflix is yet another demonstration of iiNet’s commitment to providing our customers great, hassle-free entertainment experiences,” said David Buckingham, chief executive officer of iiNet.

From launch, customers will be able to purchase Netflix gift cards in denominations of $20, $30 and $50 from participating Australian retailers, including Woolworths, Coles, Big W, 7-Eleven, Australia Post and Officeworks. Netflix will offer a single-stream standard definition plan, two-stream high-definition plan and a four-stream 4K ultra-high definition (4K) “family” plan. Details on pricing will be announced at launch but the plans are very similar to the US offering. So expect to find the first plan at around $10 per month.

Netflix will be available on plenty of devices on launch including smart televisions manufactured by Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips and HiSense, and Fetch TV’s second-generation set-top box. Plus game consoles, including Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3™) and PlayStation 4 (PS4™), Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Wii U, as well as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.  No word on whether Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 is included (they’ve got an app on both platforms) but we’ve contacted Netflix for further information.

It certainly is exciting that Netflix is finally coming to Australia, however, is it little too late? With a number of home grown services just starting such as Stan and Presto,  will Netflix get the amount of people they’re expecting? I suppose we’ll just need to wait and see. We’ll have a netflix review for you.

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