It's done! We have a brand new commenting system!

It's done! We have a brand new commenting system!

You might be noticing something new below the posts right now. That’s right, we have finally moved our commenting platform to Disqus, and it does come with some extra goodies that help both you the reader and us when we moderate.

Even if you don’t know what Disqus is, you may have seen it everywhere around the Web – TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable, CNN and TechAU use the platform. So with those names, we’ve decided to switch over. But why?

The new system will still allow you to comment with your name and email address, a-la our previous WordPress-based commenting system. But what is new is that you can now comment with not only your Disqus account, but also with your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or any supported OpenID account. So you can now comment with those options, and with your Facebook and Twitter account, have it posted on your feed or wall.

For us, it makes it more easier to moderate comments – something that is very bad for those trolls and spammers who plague sites. We have better tools to moderate comments and ban people known for trolling or spamming, and we can now even act quicker to delete these messages. A new addition is that you, our fellow readers, can now report the bad apples to us – with the report button at the bottom of every comment.

Hope you enjoy the brand new changes to our commenting system. Now, go comment!

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