It's BACK! The Holiday Gift Guide starts today!

It's BACK! The Holiday Gift Guide starts today!

It’s BACK!’s annual Holiday Gift Guide is officially starting today. Until December 24, our editors will be suggesting holiday gift ideas, select the best gadgets and games that you should give as a present and finding those ever popular deals from Australian, and now international, retailers so you don’t break the bank. will also be holding its annual live show to answer questions and giveaway prizes to those who submitted a question. It costs nothing, and all you need to do is go to our website,, submit a question and that’s it. You’ll have a chance of winning some prizes, which will be announced at a later stage.

In addition, we will have rolling giveaways somewhere in between, so you can try and win something as well. Don’t forget, with the exception of digital delivery products, we cannot accept contestants outside of Australia. Sorry for those living outside. You can also find more information on our Giveaway Rules, which are posted at the bottom of the site.

As well, if you spot a bargain online, do share it. Send it to us on Twitter (@techgeekcomau), Facebook or Google+ and we’ll publish it on the site. Alternatively, comment below on this post!

Hope you enjoy this year’s Holiday Gift Guide!

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