ispONE Wholesale customers are safe... for now

ispONE Wholesale customers are safe... for now

isponeispONE, the company who provides mobile services for over 280,000 customers are currently the largest (and only) wholesale provider for the Telstra 3G network. However, the company is involved in a legal dispute with Telstra over unpaid invoices and may take down 280,000 mobile services with it. ispONE acts as an intermediary between Telstra and resellers such as Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile.

Telstra is claiming that ispONE have unpaid invoices and are threatening the disconnection of 280,000 customers should the invoices remain unpaid. However, ispONE are claiming that Telstra is calculating the amount owed incorrectly and that no money is due based on incorrect pricing of it’s mobile services.

ispONE has since been successful in placing an injunction to stop Telstra from disconnecting the prepaid mobile services of over 280,000 customers. Even though this does remove immediate danger of the disconnection of services, the case still hasn’t been settled. The injunction is in effect until the case can be held formally before the court. However, until such date has been finalised, ispONE have been asked to pay the court $300,000.

According to ZDNet, Telstra have a plan for affected customers should they win the case. Kogan have released a statement showing concern about the continued service of their customers. Kogan have asked their customers to contact Telstra to express their concern over the possible disconnection of their service. You can view the full statement on the Kogan Mobile website.

Source: ZDNet

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