iPhone rumours fuelled by 3G version - again.

News.com.au is saying that Australia could be the first recipients of the new 3G iPhone coming out later this year. We missed out on the original because it uses the 2.5G network, which is slower than the 3G network. All carriers except Three carry both 3G and 2.5G. The 2.5G is known as EDGE in the US.

Apple has been tight-lipped on the arrival of the iPhone but has confirmed that the 3G version will be made, according to News.com.au. Earlier this year, analysts have been looking into supplier agreements and Steve Jobs travel expenses and have concluded that it would be released somewhere in June or July.

But these conflict with what Spanish mobile operater Telefonica told the press, saying it would be released in May. Spain missed out on the same reason why we missed out on the iPhone as well.

Kevin Rose, from Digg fame, said on his weekly appearance on Revision3’s Diggnation that a “source” told him that the 3G iPhone would be out soon and would include video calling.

Back in Australia; Optus, Vodafone and Telstra are thought to be in contention to gain the exclusive rights to the iPhone.

Rumours are pointing to Optus as SingTel was thought to be in talks to have the rights to the iPhone for Australasian region. SingTel has not rejected or confirmed the rumours.

But Telstra posted an ad for a designer who could build applications for its search company Sensis.

Vodafone’s spokesperson said last year that the company expects a 3G version of the phone to be under its mobile network.

The iPhone is under exclusive contracts with O2 in the UK, Orange in France, T-Mobile in Germany and AT&T in the US.

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