iPad mini with Retina Display arrives in November

iPad mini with Retina Display arrives in November


Apple have just announced a new iPad mini which includes a Retina Display. Starting at $479 AUD the new iPad mini has the new A7 processor, a 5 megapixel camera at the back and a FaceTime HD camera at the front. The display has a resolution of 2048×1536 and at 326ppi, it’s one of the highest pixel densities to date for a tablet.

The new iPad mini brings Multiple-In-Multiple-Out (MIMO) technology to the table which will bring twice the performance for Wi-Fi connections up to 300 Mbps. The Cellular models will have 4G LTE antennas inside which will support more networks in more countries. Of course, the new iPad mini comes with iOS7, Apple’s new mobile operating system. So you’ll get all of it’s included features.

Apple have kept the old iPad mini which doesn’t include any changes but the price. The 16GB Wi-Fi version will be available for $349 AUD and the Cellular edition for $499 AUD.

Apple have also designed new polyurethane Smart Covers for the new iPad mini which will be available in blue, green, pink, yellow, black and (RED) for $48 AUD. Also, new Smart Cases are available in yellow, beige, blue, brown, black and (RED) for $89 AUD.

The iPad mini with Retina Display will be available from the 1st of November and will come in Silver and Space Grey colours. The 16GB Wi-Fi edition will start at $479 AUD and a 16GB Cellular edition will start at $629 AUD. Full pricing available from Apple.

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