iPad 4G claims put Apple in hot water with Europe

iPad 4G claims put Apple in hot water with Europe

Australia might not be the only country having issues with the new iPad’s claim that it will have 4G, despite the fact that it doesn’t have it anywhere in the world except for the US and Canada (which we have explained before). European regulators are starting to take notice with such claims as well.

Pocket-lint is reporting that the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority have confirmed to them that they are assessing similar complaints from UK customers – though have not confirmed that they will launch any action against those claims.

“We are aware of the news from Australia regarding the iPad 4G marketing claim,” a spokeswoman told the site. “Without going through due process we can’t say whether the (UK) ad is likely to be problematic.”

The Wall Street Journal is also noting that the Swedish Consumer Agency is also considering launching their own investigation. “One may rightfully ask if the marketing of the new iPad is misleading,” Marek Andersson, a lawyer for the agency, told the paper. “The question is whether this information is clear enough in Apple’s marketing.”

The ACCC has already launched legal action, with Apple announcing that it will offer refunds to people who felt that they were misled thinking that they would be able to connect to a 4G network (namely, Telstra’s network).

via MacRumors

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