IOC releases geoblock for London 2012 videos on YouTube

IOC releases geoblock for London 2012 videos on YouTube

Okay, the Olympics and Paralympics are over; but there are certain things that you want to rewatch. Unfortunately, the International Olympic Committee are notorious in keeping things off YouTube so it doesn’t annoy the rightsholders. However, the IOC have ended the geoblocking of events, letting everyone watch every event on demand, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Well, at least for now.

For all of the videos, you can switch between three audio tracks – two of which have commentary in English and Spanish. There is an ‘natural sound’ option to watch the event and ceremonies without commentary. So, if you got really, really annoyed with Eddie McGuire and Channel Nine for talking over the performances during the closing ceremony – you can now rewatch it without screaming at your television for them to shut up.

Also, for those who didn’t get Foxtel, you are now free to watch the events in full that Channel Nine chopped up and remixed. That said, the Olympics have been over for more than month now. But hey, if you want to relive the moment – it’s now on YouTube.

That said, they haven’t embraced all of YouTube. The IOC are not letting you embed the videos (even clips of events), meaning that you won’t be able to share certain memories through blog posts, or posting it on Tumblr.

And for those who are wondering, that video above is the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

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