Introducing our first US correspondent

Introducing our first US correspondent

kanyeOur editor in chief, Terence Huynh, has given me the privilege to announce our first ever US correspondent! For the first time ever we’ll have a direct link to technology happenings in the land upunder.

While you may not have heard of him, Kanye West, best known for starting the US technology blog ‘Good Life’ and hit YouTube channel ‘Cooking with Kanye’, will be joining the team at lunchtime with his first scoop, detailing the changing face of music in the 21st century. With 5 years of experience in writing and music production, he’s going to be a solid expansion to the team.

West loves Windows Phone 8, rocking the Cyan Lumia 920, and will surely be adding some balance to the team. On top of this, West has been known to rock some mink boots in the summertime like Let me know if you feel it man.

We hope you give him a warm welcome and stay tuned for what is sure to be our best year at yet!

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