Introducing Gadgetlyst - our new home for gadgets!

Introducing Gadgetlyst - our new home for gadgets!

As part of our overall refresh for the new year, we’re introducing a brand new blog in our family. Called Gadgetlyst, it is our new gadgets and hardware blog, and will join Pwnage and Cupertino Loop in our list of blogs dedicated in separate topics, while the main blog covers the rest of the tech stories of the day.

Gadgetlyst will be run by its newly-created Lead Editor of Gadgetlyst, Tom Solari, who has been in charge of gadget-related coverage in the past.

Gadgetlyst will also be accompanied with a new podcast, called Gadgetlyst Bytes. While the exact duration is not known, in addition to whether it will be played inside the TECHGEEK Podcast or not, find it as an extension to the TECHGEEK Podcast’s (soon to be renamed TECHGEEK Weekly in 2011) Gadget section of the podcast. The podcast will cover the latest gadgets, in addition to the latest reviews on the Reviews Desk.’s gadget coverage of the latest devices, the must haves and the wacky devices from East Asia does not change under the refresh, so don’t fret – if you were fretting.

So let’s put our hands together for our new blog!

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