Interpol adds Assange to wanted list after Swedish request

Interpol adds Assange to wanted list after Swedish request

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been added to Interpol’s worldwide wanted list, coming within days after it was announced that both the Attorney General of Australia, Robert McClelland, and the United States’ Attorney General, Eric Holder, both announced separate investigations on his recent leak of US Diplomatic Cables.

However, the ‘red notice’ – the term Interpol uses to signify help from one country’s police force to find a person it seeks to question over an allegation – comes from Sweden, where Assange is also currently embroiled in a criminal case with allegations that he had committed rape. The case was previously dismissed before it was restarted after new evidence wsa found.

Assange has denied the allegations. However, according to the Guardian:

Assange strongly denies any wrongdoing but admits having unprotected but consensual encounters with two women during a visit to Sweden in August.

Assange is rumoured to be in hiding in London, and things may prove tricky if he is extradited to Sweden to meet his accusers by the UK. His lawyer, Mark Stephens, have called the allegations “false and without basis” and that he should not be extradited.

“Julian Assange has never been charged by Swedish prosecutors. He is formally wanted as a witness,” he told the Guardian.

“All we have is an English translation of what’s being reported in the media. The Swedish authorities have not met their obligations under domestic and European law to communicate the nature of the allegations against him in a language that he understands, and the evidence against him.”

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