Internode covers Adelaide CBD with WiFi

Internode covers Adelaide CBD with WiFi


Internode have announced the AdelaideFree, an extension to the already operating Free WiFi network in central Adelaide. In partnership between the South Australian Government and Adelaide City Council, Internode has created a wireless network which provides internet access to over 30,000 people each day – powered by 300 wireless access points.

The extension provides blanket coverage between North Terrace and Wakefield Street/Grote Street and broad access areas in the south city, North Adelaide and the most heavily frequented parts of the Adelaide parklands (see map below). The network was tested during the “Mad March” festival with a peak usage of 5,000 simultaneous connections.


Internode Chief Business Officer Greg Bader said the AdelaideFree Wi-Fi network provided high-speed Internet access with more than double the wireless coverage of the previous Citylan network. “AdelaideFree provides seamless Wi-Fi coverage for the CBD with great data speeds,” he said.

Since winning the $1.5 million dollar contract, Internode have deployed 200 Cisco Wireless N access points throughout the CBD including the existing 100 wireless access points from the old Citylan network and 10 mobile access points for deployment at special events. Internode plans to deploy another 11 access points a the SA State Library and SA Museum in the coming months.

The AdelaideFree network is installed at external locations throughout the CBD including iconic sites such as the Festival Centre, the SA Museum, the SA State Library, the National Wine Centre and The Science Exchange. Users in these locations are able to connect to the network without a password and browse the internet at their leisure.

Head Image: Neale Cousland /

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