Internet Explorer falls below 50 percent in browser market

Internet Explorer falls below 50 percent in browser market

Microsoft HQMicrosoft’s dominance of the web may be coming to an end sometime soon, with new statistics from Stat Counter coming out that highlight that Microsoft’s massive share is now less than half of the entire market.

While Internet Explorer still reigns supreme, the browser only holds 49.87 percent, while rival Firefox holds 31.5 percent – steady from last month. However, the big success story is Google’s Chrome browser, increasing tremendously since last year, and now holds 11.54 percent.

Safari holds 4.42 percent, while Opera holds just above 2 percent.

In Europe, however, Microsoft has dropped massively since last year, according to Stat Counter, and this could be because of the new browser choice window – allowing the user to choose to download a browser of their choice. It currently holds 40.26 percent, down from 46.44 percent. Firefox, however, is steadily rising with 38.97 percent and could overtake Microsoft in the next month.

In Australia, Internet Explorer has also dropped below the 50 percent line, to have a share of 49.78 percent; while Safari is nearing to close the gap from WebKit-brother Google Chrome. Safari has 9.45 percent, while Chrome has 10.58 percent. Firefox, still holding on second place, saw a slight dip from month-to-month, closing at 28.74 percent. Opera, however, is almost non-existent with a share of 0.8 percent.

The market share does not take into account Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta. However, Microsoft is betting that the latest version should rectify the continuing downward trend – despite Microsoft adding huge security advances and adopting web standards (just not all) in the past two incarnations after Internet Explorer 6.

Global statistics are below.

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