Insync offers cheaper alternative to Dropbox

Insync offers cheaper alternative to Dropbox

Dropbox, the current leader in cloud file syncing, may finally have a worthy competitor in the form of insync, a new file syncing service which uses your pre-existing Google storage to keep you constantly hooked to the cloud.

One of the big hurdles of keeping your files in sync using Google Docs when compared to Dropbox is the fact that you always have to use the online editor or be forced to manually upload files via the website. While that may be fine with some basic tasks, more advanced document editing really does require a local editor for now.

You also have to either use the beta Google Docs offline mode, which only allows read-only, or Google Cloud Connect if you find youself without an internet connection.

Which is where insync comes in. No, not the infamous boy-band. This kind of insync uses your Google storage to offer a native Dropbox-like syncing experience, which means that storage a lot cheaper when compared to the prices Dropbox offers.

For example, if you want anymore than the 2GB account with Dropbox you will need to pay $100USD a year for 50GB on Dropbox. Meanwhile Google offers 80GB of storage, which you can share between Google Docs, Gmail and Picasa, for just $20USD a year, a massive discount. Or you can get 25GB for $5USD a year.

If price is no problem, Dropbox may be safer for now, seeing as it’s been out of beta for a long time and this service is only just getting close to that now. But if your looking for more space at a cheaper price, you might want to dedicate some of your time to giving insync a go.

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