"Instant Pop": Sony, Universal new plan to beat piracy

"Instant Pop": Sony, Universal new plan to beat piracy

Universal and Sony Music, the big two recording labels in the entire music business world, are working together in the UK on a new way to combat music piracy with “Instant Pop” – and it doesn’t sound bad at all (and that’s a big stretch).

The plan revolves around releasing its songs that debuts on radio stations on iTunes and other digital distribution outlets – a “on air, on sale” policy – allowing fans of the track to download the song right now, rather wait for six weeks before it is out on the same outlets.

“Wait is not a word in the vocabulary of the current generation. It’s out of date to think that you can build up demand for a song by playing it for several weeks on radio in advance,” Chief Executive of Universal Music, David Joseph, told the Guardian newspaper.

“What we were finding under the old system was the searches for songs on Google or iTunes were peaking two weeks before they actually became available to buy, meaning that the public was bored of – or had already pirated – new singles.”

The change is in response to the success of the X Factor in the UK, where the winner’s single – which has been released immediately – has sky-rocketed to the charts. As well, it is also a response to people recording the song from the radio – a very old technique – and posting it online, allowing people to download the song (via downloading the YouTube video).

No word when this new policy will extend to the other markets both Universal and Sony compete.

Image: erin MC hammer/Flickr (CC)

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