Instagram restores uploading from third-party apps

Instagram restores uploading from third-party apps
Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

Over the past few days, Instagram have made several changes to their API which has restricted third-party applications such as Windows Phone 8 application, Instance from posting on the service. Initially, photos were uploaded onto the service and then almost immediately deleted. Daniel Gary, the developer of Instance, was puzzled by the change. The issue was made clear when an Instagram spokesperson said “applications accessing the API against its terms will be affected by the change.”

TechGeek can confirm that uploading of pictures from Instance has started working again after Instagram pushed out several more changes to their API. However, at this stage, it is unknown how long this change will be in place for. Regardless, if you’re an Instagram fanatic and are dying to continue to post pictures from your WP8 device, then go right ahead.

Users worried that they’ll loose their image posting capability again in the future can download apps like Oggl or Instagraph. Since Oggl is the only application using the ‘official’ method of uploading photos and Instagraph uses a server as an intermediary to disguise itself as the official Android application.

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