Indie devs The Voxel Agents release Toy Mania for Android

Indie devs The Voxel Agents release Toy Mania for Android


Melbourne-based indie game studio The Voxel Agents – known for creating Train Conductor and Puzzle Retreat – have released their new mobile game called Toy Mania. The objective is simple: build big and colourful toys in a race against the clock. And I can safely say, it is a highly addictive game.

The game is similar to Candy Crush, in that you have to match three or more tiles of the same colour – but you only score points once you matched all the tiles on the screen of that colour. You can rearrange the tiles by sliding the rows and columns, and you collect coins to activate powerful boosts.

And, just like Candy Crush, it is addictive. I was introduced to this game at a PAX pre-show party, where the Voxel Agents were showing it off to the media, officials and other game developers. Interestingly, when I first played the game, the Minister of Tourism Louise Asher held the top spot on the leaderboard.

The Voxel Agents later released an beta build of the game on Facebook, and I was playing that non-stop for weeks trying to get the top score. While the Facebook beta was fun, I felt the game mechanics were more suited for touchscreens – which is why I am rejoicing at the fact the game is now available on your smartphone.

Toy Mania is available now on the Google Play store, and is exclusively available in Australia. An international release is coming soon.

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