IN BRIEF: Has Google added Fitbit to it's ever-growing graveyard?

IN BRIEF: Has Google added Fitbit to it's ever-growing graveyard?

Google bought Fitbit for a whopping US$2.1 billion last week, thats around AU$3.0 billion. This includes it’s Watches, Fitness Trackers, and its weight scales. Google can probably do a lot here. But an important question remains:

Fitbit Ionic Family

Remember Google+, Inbox, Chromecast Audio, Google Goggles, Chromebook Pixel, Picasa, Google Answers, Works with Nest and err- I’ll stop here. But you get the point, there is a whole lot more that google has killed off. So much that a website has been created for it. Will Fitbit survive, or are we looking at another Motorola situation, where they gave up and sold it to Chinese PC maker Lenovo for $2.91 billion, or worse, will it be killed off like Picasa, to focus on their own watchOS range? 

Why did Google kill Works with Nest?

In 2018 Nest announced that the Google Home and Nest teams were joining together, and earlier this year Google announced it would focus on Google Home.

How about Google+?

In Octover 2018 Google made the announcement that Google+ would shut down. It was for two specific reasons, low user engagement, and software errors. 

And Inbox?

Shortly after purchasing Inbox, Google decided to focus on Gmail only, and killed off their recent acquisition. Seems like an easy way to manage your competition.

Google bought Fitbit to get on-top of “the best AI, software and hardware” to “spur innovation in wearables and build products to benefit even more people around the world”, and lucky for Google they also get a huge data acquisition (will Google start targeting ads based on the beats per minute of your heart, workout routine times, etc – kidding, kinda)

Do you think Fitbit will survive the wrath of a Google acquisition? 

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