Immerse yourself for a lifetime in the game "Where the Heart Is"

Immerse yourself for a lifetime in the game "Where the Heart Is"

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable dreamlike journey. Directed and devised by Armature Studio co-founder Todd Keller, the lead artist for Metroid Prime, along with the incredible work of Beth Foster, the senior artist for Metroid Prime, and Scott Eaton, the art manager for God of War.

On the kind of fateful stormy night that changes a man’s destiny, an enormous sinkhole opens in the middle of Whit Anderson’s farm.

As thunder rumbles and rain lashes the Andersons, Casey—their curious Golden Retriever—ventures too close to the gaping maw and tumbles in. Desperate to save Casey, Whit descends into the darkness, but emerges in a realm beyond his imagining.

Make incredible decisions

You are given multiple opportunities to make new choices or continue along with the decisions which helped form his family. What will change? How will it affect the outcome? What do these choices do?

Our lived experience is like a dream—lying somewhere between the material facts of the moment and how we perceive that moment in our minds.

Where the Heart Is makes the dream lucid, inviting players to reflect on their lives as they walk through Whit’s. Perhaps they’ll find the grass really is greener, or that ‘home’ was inside them all along.

Todd Keller
Director of Armature Studio

Where the Heart Is appears to unleash a journey unlike no other. Using exquisite spaces made manifest by Whit’s memories, you get the opportunity to explore his childhood, learn about his family, and uncover his greatest joys and regrets.

Where the Heart Is is coming to PlayStation 4 towards the end of 2020. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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