I'm with Kogan Mobile... Where do I go now?

I'm with Kogan Mobile... Where do I go now?


As you may have heard, Kogan Mobile customers are slowly but surely being terminated from the Telstra network due to a dispute between ispONE and Telstra. Those of you who are currently on Kogan Mobile may be thinking… Where do I go now? Unfortunately, you probably won’t be getting as great a deal as you have but there are certainly some comparable offers from carriers.

Here’s a run down of some of the offers available. Information in this post was taken from their respective websites on the day of publication. We’ve only included the carriers that are offering some sort of incentive to transfer across. We’ll update this post should any more carriers offer something!

ALDIMobile (Telstra)


While some may be thinking ALDIMobile will be a great alternative to move to, we’re unsure how long the agreement between Medion (the operating business for ALDIMobile) and Telstra. According to a document released by Telstra, the agreement between the two companies is only an “interim agreement” and no further information has been disclosed. At the moment ALDIMobile is continuing to operate normally and are accepting signups and transfer requests, however, who knows how long it will last. Sure, you can move over to ALDIMobile and get a few months of service but there probably isn’t any guarantee that it will continue like that.

Nevertheless, ALDIMobile provide unlimited calls, text and MMS plus 5GB of data to use within 30 days for just $35. At the moment, the only place you can buy a SIM card is at any Aldi store for $5.

Yatango (Optus)

yatangoUPDATE 22/08: If you’re a current Kogan Mobile customer, you’ve probably just received an email with a pretty awesome offer from Yatango. They are offering Unlimted Calls, Texts and 6GB of Data completely free for the first 30 days. They’re also throwing in a free SIM card and shipping to get it to you. All you need is a promotional code from Kogan Mobile. So if you’re not a Kogan Mobile customer, then you’re out of luck. Once the 30 days is up, you’ll need to switch to your own plan. If you haven’t heard of Yatango before, they run on the Optus network and they allow you to make your own plan. You can read up on what Yatango is all about here.  You can take up the offer on their website (but only if you have a promo code)

Boost Mobile (Telstra)

boostmobileBoost Mobile have been around since 2001, offering pre-paid services on the Optus network. However, since the start of 2013, Boost have moved over to the Telstra NextG network and started offering their “UNLTD” plans. Boost are offering Unlimited Calls, SMS and MMS plus 3GB of data for $40 over a 30 day expiry. The service is offered through the Telstra NextG network directly from Telstra themselves, so there is no threat of another Kogan Mobile fiasco. If you’re interested in picking up a SIM, Boost are currently offering 50% off the $40 starter pack until the 27th of August. You can order them online or through a JB Hi-Fi store as they are running the same deal.

Amaysim (Optus)

amaysimUPDATE 22/08: Amaysim have been running since late 2010, offering pre-paid services on the Optus network. Amaysim are currently offering a 50% deal on their Unlimited plan, usually $39.90 per month for Unlimited calls, texts and MMS plus 4GB of Data. Until 30th August, you’ll be able to take 50% off the first recharge making it just $19.95. You’ll also get unlimited social network access which is good if you’re a tweetaholic. The 50% offer is only available on their website but you can also purchase SIM’s at most retail stores.


optusOptus are currently running a special offer for those wishing to transfer over. Optus are offering $10 off a $30 prepaid starter pack if you go in store and hand over your old prepaid SIM from another provider. Additionally, the first 3 recharges of $30 or more on the service will receive double call minutes and data. After 3 recharges, you’ll drop back down to the standard recharge rates. While this does make it attractive at the start, the value will be lost after around 3 months. You’ll get access to Optus’ 3G and 4G network and you’ll have unlimited text messages, social media and calls to other Optus Mobiles. You’ll need to connect before 30th September to be eligible for both deals. SIM cards can be purchased from the website or you can head in store for the $10 off deal – make sure you bring your old SIM!

Found a carrier that has offered a deal? Let us know in the comments.

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