i'm Watch smartwatch gets an update, launches new i'm here GPS tracker

i'm Watch smartwatch gets an update, launches new i'm here GPS tracker

Two Revolutionary Creations by i'm

With the supposed launch of the Pebble smartwatch coming up, the makers of the i’m watch don’t want to be left out entirely. Its makers have updated the smartwatch with a brand new operating system – the i’m Droid 2; and have launched a brand new GPS tracker called i’m here.

While its makers have said that they will release more information at Mobile World Congress, I have the sneaking suspicion that they want to get in some details before the Pebble takes over. The new smartwatch has “smart tethering”, meaning that it will only connect to your smartphone when it needs to. It also means that it reduces battery consumption, so now it has a battery life of almost two days. It will also read your emails and SMS messages when they come.

In addition, you can manage the smartwatch remotely from i’m Cloud online or through your mobile phone; listen to million of songs on-demand through i’music; and even use this as a camera with i’mages. You can also download new apps to put onto this watch on the i’market. Other features include a “shake to hang up” function that lets you shake your wrist to reject or end a call; and an Instagram app.

The i’m here GPS tracker is said to be the smallest, sleekest and most sophisticated; and, all you need to do is wear or carry it, giving piece of mind if someone is worried about you. It also has a SIM card inside so it can send data back using 3G. When an emergency arises, just press the SOS call and it will send out your GPS coordinates to someone pre-selected, like any emergency service. The device is small, so you can even wear it on your wrist, attach it to your jacket or belt, or even place it in your wallet.

i’m here will come out in May for AU$161.19 – or US$168.99. You can preorder on their website.

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