iLuv brings out Bluetooth speakers with NFC, Wireless Charging

iLuv brings out Bluetooth speakers with NFC, Wireless Charging


Accessory maker iLuv has used CES to reveal its new speaker lineup – the MobiRock, the MobiAria and the Syren. All three speakers feature NFC support, making it easier to pair your phone with the speakers through Bluetooth without going through complicated menus. However, the MobiRock adds one more feature – it adds Qi wireless charging support.

For those who don’t know what the Qi is – it is a wireless charging standard which, if all phone makers are part of, allow you to use your phone on any wireless charging accessory. Of course, Nokia is a big backer of the project with it already pushing it on the Lumia 920. Other manufacturers part of the push are HTC, Samsung, Motorola Mobility and LG Electronics. Apple, being them, have not opted to be part of the project.

For those other phones that do not have Qi support, it has a USB port so you can charge your phones through that; and an Aux-in jack so you can still play music but don’t want to waste battery life on Bluetooth. The MobiRock will be out in June, but no pricing has been revealed.


The Syren is based off the work of architect Antoi Gaudi, and has a really modern shape that allows for 360-degree sound, housing two-inch speakers and a radiator. It also has a built-in microphone, allowing for hands-free conversations, and again audio can be put through via an aux-in jack. It does not have a USB connector, however. It is just a speakerphone. It also comes out in June, and again no pricing information has been released by iLuv.


Then, finally, the MobiAria also features a USB charging port but no wireless charging support, in addition to an Aux-in jack. The dock includes a 2-driver system with radiators to deliver excellent sound. These speakers will come out in May, but no pricing has been revealed.

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