iiNet wins appeal against priacy lawsuit

iiNet wins appeal against priacy lawsuit

The Federal Court has ruled in iiNet’s favour, dismissing an appeal by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) filed after losing in the high-profile case against internet piracy and copyright infringement earlier last year.

“I have concluded that the appeal should be dismissed,” Justice Arthur Robert Emmett, who presided over the case, said in court.

“Today’s judgment again demonstrates that the allegations against us have been proven to be unfounded,” CEO of iiNet, Michael Malone, said in a statement.

“We urge the Australian film industry to address the growing demand for studio content to be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner to consumers and we remain eager to work with them to make this material available legitimately.”

In front of the court, Malone has said that the copyright case cost him $6.5 million.

Video by Delimiter

iiNet was sued by AFACT in November 2008 accusing the ISP that it had failed reasonable steps to prevent copyright infringement over its network. The court ruled in favour of iiNet, saying that “iiNet has no control over BitTorrent.” AFACT immediately appealed the verdict.


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