iHome announces three brand new alarm clocks with iPhone/iPad docks

iHome announces three brand new alarm clocks with iPhone/iPad docks

The iHome iD50

iHome has announced three more alarm clock speaker systems to its lineup at CES 2012 – revealing the iW4, iP18 and iD50. All three have iPhone, iPad and/or iPod docking support, in addition to the traditional alarm clock.

The iW4 includes support for AirPlay – meaning you can play music from iTunes or your iOS device wirelessly – and has support for its iOS apps. It also features Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, FM radio with 6 presets, adjustable EQ settings and dual alarm settings. It will be priced at $269.99.

The iP18 is a more cube-shaped alarm clock, with LED lights to change colours and to flash depending on your alarm settings. It also features support for its own iOS apps, dual alarms and the ability to sync times with your iOS device – so if you change the time on an iPhone, the clock will change once docked. It does not come with radio support and will retail for $69.99.

The iD50 again features the dock, but adds AM and FM radio support, Bluetooth connectivity, dual alarms, clock syncing with the iOS device and an integrated mic so you can pair your phone and use it as a hands-free device (it also includes talk and end call buttons). In addition, this has support for its own iOS apps and adjustable EQ, but no AirPlay support. It has a price tag of $169.99.

No word on an Australian release date, but these will be out “later this year” in the United States. Full press release and gallery is below.

iHome Gives Clock Dock Category a Wake Up Call at CES 2012

Category Leader Continues to Innovate with Style in 2012

RAHWAY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iHome, the company that changed the way we wake up in the morning, is at it again with an entirely new line of docking alarm clock speaker solutions debuting next week at CES 2012. From the debut of AirPlay within the clock-dock category, to the widespread incorporation of app-enhanced features and expanded charging options, the iHome bedside experience continues to deliver great value and diversity.“2011 Clock Radio Speaker of the Year.”

iHome is showcasing the following new alarm clock speaker systems at CES 2012 in the North Hall, booth #N245:

  • iW4 AirPlay Wireless 20 Watts Bedside Speaker System for iPad/iPhone/iPod: making its alarm clock speaker system debut, AirPlay utilizes the home WiFi network to deliver more flexibility than ever before. Easily stream your entire iTunes library over the network to listen, sleep or wake to your favorite tunes. The iW4 is expected to retail for $269.99.
  • iP18 LED Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock Speaker System for iPhone and iPod: a little bit of color goes a long way with this ultra-modern and stylish alarm clock speaker solution. Now with a smaller footprint and new cube design, this app-friendly Glowtunes offering has big features including four color-changing modes, Reson8 speaker chamber technology, one-touch clock sync and more. The iP18 is expected to retail for $69.99.
  • iD50 App-Enhanced Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio Speakerphone for iPad/iPhone/iPod with AM/FM Presets: the alarm clock you’d expect to see on James Bond’s nightstand, but with a price tag that makes it realistic for non secret agents to own. The iD50 is strong in the features department and has a smooth finish that will stir you to wake rather than shake you. The iD50 is expected to retail for $169.99.

“Since 2005 we’ve been providing the best wake up call in the business for iOS device owners,” said Evan Stein, Director of Marketing, iHome. “We’re very happy to be continuing that tradition and look forward to showing off our latest creations in Las Vegas.”

The new App-enhanced docking alarm clock speaker solutions above, as well as the iD38 and iD95, will be available later this year. For further information, please visit www.ihomeaudio.com.

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