ICANN approves new changes to domain names

ICANN approves new changes to domain names

ICANN, the group in charge of all domain names on the Internet, has approved one of the biggest shake-ups of the internet naming system, with the approval of new generic top-level domain names (the ending of domains, such as .com or .net)

Prompted with the almost exhaustion of common domain names in .com and .net, the new system will allow dozens and even hundreds of endings. This means that people can register .auto for car markers or even brand-specific domains such as .canon (who are also attempting to do so).

ICANN has also attempted to prevent issues by opening the floodgates of new domain names, such as cancelling a contract with non-compliant domain registrars, or a trademark clearing hose to track registered names.

It also allows those who were previously seeking domain names for regions, following the allowance of .cat for the Catalan region of Spain, such as .berlin, .paris and .nyc will now be allowed – of course, with a fee of $185,000 to apply plus $25,000 a year.

Applications will start next year.

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