HTC Radiant image leaks: a Windows Phone with LTE headed for Telstra?

HTC Radiant image leaks: a Windows Phone with LTE headed for Telstra?

PocketNow has been sent a picture of a LTE Windows Phone for AT&T and, according to the source, Telstra, supposibly called the HTC Radiant. While it looks like the already available (in the US) HTC Titan, PocketNow’s “reliable source” has said otherwise.

Originally, the Radiant name was trademarked by HTC in April 2011. But more recently, in more leaked news, the HTC Radiant was expected to be announced at CES 2012, alongside a number of other LTE Windows Phones for US carrier AT&T, such as the Nokia Lumia 900 and a Samsung Mendel.

While this could easily be a fake, because of how similar HTC phones look, there are a few small changes when compared to the Titan, such as the move of the dual-LED flash to the right side of the camera, a non-removable battery, a slightly different colour and some other small changes.

Telstra is the only Australian carrier with LTE, even then they only have USB modems for now. But on their LTE page, as well as with press releases, it has said that they will be getting a HTC LTE phone this year. While we could be getting a different phone, and that could be a possibility given Telstra’s lack of focus for Windows Phones, this could be a candidate for Australia’s first LTE phone and the source has said that it will be coming to Telstra too.

Remember that will be having all of the CES 2012 coverage on and our CES Hub. If anything is announced, we’ll have all of the news on the site.

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