HTC and Dropbox to offer cloud storage on Sense 3.5 phones

HTC and Dropbox to offer cloud storage on Sense 3.5 phones

New phones from HTC with Sense 3.5, such as the HTC Rhyme, will now recieve an extra 3GB of space on top of the 2GB default on Dropbox thanks to a partnership between HTC and Dropbox.

The extra storage will be given when the phone is connected to the service. This means that any upcoming HTC phone with their Android skin, Sense 3.5, will have the ability to sync up to 5GB of files and photos from the phone to the cloud. Users can also get up to 8GB of extra storage by asking friends to get Dropbox.

When Pocket-lint asked about the possibility of Dropbox storage on HTC Windows Phone 7 devices, the company said that the OS already has deep integration with Skydrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution which can handle up to 25GB of files.

There is no word on whether old Sense users will get 3.5 and/or Dropbox storage upgrades, but the deal does put HTC in a competitive space with Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s Skydrive.


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