HP to revamp logo and ditches the circle for some slanted lines?

HP to revamp logo and ditches the circle for some slanted lines?

What you are looking at now is HP’s new logo. While it hasn’t been officially announced by the company – and could possibly not come into fruition – a creative agency has broken the news of HP’s potential new look on their blog.

The company, Moving Brands, was hired in 2008 to recreate a “strong story” at HP’s core after it had “lost its forward leaning culture after over 50 acquisitions” – like Palm, for instance. But while the logo looks like four slanted lines, it has some meaning towards it. As described by Moving Brands:

The defining signature of the system is the 13º angle. 13° represents HP’s spirit as a company, driven forward by ingenuity and optimism about the future and a belief in human progress. It also refers to the world of computing by recalling the forward slash used in programming. 13° exists within the brand identity, in the graphic language, product design and UI.

As a nerd for branding, Moving Brands has created a pretty good advertising package for HP. The simplicity of the logo and the elements go together in harmony; and more importantly, it looks beautiful. The message is pretty clear from what I see from Moving Brands. But will it be effective? Well, it really depends on how HP uses it.

According to Brand New, HP isn’t using all the elements it has received from Moving Brands – more importantly the logo. It would be a shame if they did not use it. As Armin notes:

It’s an elegant and bold evolution, using the simplest of forms: four sticks. Sure, it might not be instantly readable to someone that has never seen an HP product before but that’s why HP has millions of dollars to build a brand and engrain this in people’s mind without missing a bit.

I do hope they use the full package. You can see some images and videos from Moving Brands below.


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