How to Use Gamification to Improve User Engagement?

How to Use Gamification to Improve User Engagement?

No matter how good your mobile application is, it will not help your business to thrive without getting higher user engagement. Your app should have a valid reason to prompt users to engage with it and encourage them to stay access to it for a long time. You should keep eyes on users to find out what interests them more to stay on mobile applications. 

Gamification nowadays emerged as the most popular techniques that let your application enjoy having vast user engagement. People have a special propensity towards playing games. And if they find any interesting games while accessing your mobile apps, they will stay for a long time. This is the reason why gamification is popular as one of the most effective app marketing techniques.

Before we discuss here several ways of using gamification in your mobile application to increase user engagement, it’s crucial to explore some basics of gamification and also how it ensures maximum user engagement for mobile applications.

What is Gamification and How it Ensures User Engagement for Mobile Application?

Gamification is a process that involves implementing game elements into the mobile application along with various funny characters to encourage users to stay on mobile apps for long. It not only helps mobile applications in attracting new users but also those of past users as well.

Gamification serves its ultimate purpose of engaging users in those activities that they love the most. It’s based on the principle of harnessing the benefits of human psychological predisposing. To make your effort successful, you should reward customers for their particular behavior. The reward items are generally virtual.

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Tips to Use Gamification in Mobile Application to Improve User Engagement

After getting information regarding gamification and also how it increases users for your mobile application, let’s explore here ways to use it. Take a look.

Games should be Easy for Users to Play and Win

A complicated game will not help you in increasing users for your mobile app as users don’t wish to play any such game. The reason is that users have to spend a lot of time playing complex games and it works as a discouraging factor for their engagement. Your users will engage with your games only if they find it less complicated, interesting, and get something out of it.

Since you are using games in your mobile apps for increasing user engagement, you should use games that should be easy to play. Users should be able to win it with minimum efforts.

Start the Reward and Recognition Program

As we already mentioned above, you should give users some valid reasons to engage with your application and stay longer. And the reward and recognition program will help you in this arena. You can start reward and recognition, especially for first-time buyers and encourage them to come again and again on your app to buy your products and services.

Once they join your customer list, you can encourage them with a 5 or 10% discount to place their first order. You can also give your new customers more chances to get a reward by referring to new buyers. 

Promotion of new Products and Services with Fun

Using gamification in the promotion of any product and services is in vogue and a large number of brands practice the same. The ultimate advantage of promoting new products and services through mobile game marketing is that it can create a great impression of customers’ minds.

A shoe company can create a video of football players playing games by wearing their newly launched show. In this, the company can advise users how comfortable players are when they run.

It not only encourages customers, especially those of football lovers to watch the video again and again but also encourages them to buy the products. So, it helps companies sell more products and earn a higher profit while witnessing maximum user engagement for their mobile application.

Educate Customers

Game is not only used for entertainment purposes, but it is also an appropriate way to educate customers about the products and services or the related things. And most of the businesses already do the same.

Rather than mentioning features, benefits, etc. of your products, you can create a video of your product by featuring everything about it and also how it’s useful for users. The video should describe clearly everything about your product be it features, function, or related things. You can make your video more interesting by adding certain animation and fun characters too.

In-Game Currency

It’s another area where you can implement gamification to tantalize the sense of your app users. In-game currency clearly reflects the payment for certain special game-related benefits. You can offer these benefits to those players who fulfill the specified criteria.

You can leverage some specialized software such as Google Game Services, Amazon Game Circle, or others to ensure its proper implementation.

Use Points and Badges

It’s another way of leveraging the power of gamification to improve user engagement. Using points and badges helps you feel your customers highly motivated and also encourages them to access your mobile application more frequently.

You should let users know how your points and badges programs will help them in showing their skills, expertise, knowledge, etc. to others. It, of course, works in encouraging users to engage your application for long. People are always keen to show their talent and skills to others.

Using points and badges is also a great technique that fosters customer loyalty and thus, helps in increasing brand recognition.


Using gamification in an application has become a common practice for increasing user engagement, which is not only necessary for the success of the app but also for your business. Well, after going through the above discussion, you may have a clear understanding of how gamification works and improve user engagement. You can try out the above tips to increase your mobile users.

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