How to minimize your chances of your Xbox failing

I am writing this because I am one of a many loyal Xbox fans who has suffered from such problems as the ‘Ring of Death’. A friend of mine had the problem were his Xbox dashboard would work but the games weren’t reading, I will now go through some symptoms of a failing Xbox 360.

1. A short deep scratching noise is made when your console is first switched on.

This is a problem my Xbox had, and I actually found later that it was not merely scratching the disc it but mauling it. EB Games recommend not keeping your 360 in a cabinet as the battery might overheat. Whilst this has worked, the original box or Microsoft itself has refused any comments on how to combat this.

2. The ‘Ring of Death’

OK, anyone who sees this on there 360 I pray that you have a warranty because if not, you are done. So long $600.

How to combat these:

1. Store where air can be cycled quite easily through the engine and clean regularly to avoid dust build up.

2. By a fan for the 360, its below $50 AUD and is worth it.

3. Try to avoid moving it as I fear some of the gears are very loose.

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