How to Keep your employees safe by investing in a Touchless Visitor Management System?

How to Keep your employees safe by investing in a Touchless Visitor Management System?

Humanity, today is in the middle of one big crisis. Believed to have started from the fish market of Wuhan, COVID-19 has spread its wings to all parts of the world, right to Europe, Asia to America.

Till date, there is no preventive vaccine and cure for the Coronavirus, and the only way to save ourselves is following the norms of social distancing.

As governments worldwide easing the measures of lockdown, we got to accept life with Coronavirus. We all have to come together to get our derailed economy back on track; however, even the slightest mistake of ours can prove to be costly, open doors for COVID-19 to cause mayhem in a locality, state or country.

As offices are opening up, employers need to make sure they adhere to their state norms of maintaining social distance. With this in mind, today, we recommend having a contactless iPad visitor management system to streamline the reception of your business space, while safeguarding your risk against the risk of catching the novel virus infection from a visitor who shows up at your office’s reception.

So, without wasting, let’s get on the perks of investing in a visitors management system during this time of COVID-19 outbreak and even beyond.

No Reception Staff

In these days of COVID-19 pandemic, it would be dangerous for your reception staff to greet your guests whose walks-in, you never know anyone of them could be a carrier of this novel virus.

However, at the same time, it does not mean you don’t have to welcome your guests, you should but in a slightly different manner. Touchless visitor management includes an iPod and the reception desk displaying a QR code. Whosoever enters the lobby needs to scan the QR code through their smartphone, and the process of registration will be transferred to their smartphone.

All they have to do is fill the quick details; it includes the name, contact, purpose of visit to visit, and other basic details. Once done, an email/SMS notification would be sent to their host to meet the guest at the reception area. So, you can clearly see that the visitor doesn’t have to touch the surface of the iPod, which could be the home to viruses and bacteria. This is a big reason; experts are rooting for touchless mechanisms to thwart the spread of this virus and normalize the economy during this pandemic.

Even the employees must be allowed sign-in and sign-out via the QR code scanning, no keycards as this novel virus can reside on such a surface for hours or even one full day.

You Have Details

It is advisable that a few relevant health screening questions must be added to the check-in process; this is to prevent the spread of this novel virus. The questions include:-

  • Have you travelled or met someone from outside the country in the last 14 days?
  • Have you recently been in contact with someone who is either infected with COVID-19 infection or anyone with flu-like symptoms?
  • Do you or anyone in the family have flu-like symptoms?

All these questions are fundamental whether that individual is safe to be allowed in the premises or not. You can go that extra mile in conducting a thermal screening of each visitor who enters the building.

Further, if anyone is found to be infected with a novel virus or flu-like symptoms in your building on that very day where a particular guest arrived, notification would be sent to every visitor about this.

Give Better Guest Experience

Another compelling reason to invest in Ezy Signin the touchless visitor management system is to provide a smooth and hassle-free customer experience. Your visitors don’t have to do anything at the reception arena run from desk to another to find the person they want to meet. The touchless visitor management system ensures fast check-in with notifications sent to both right away.

Wrap Up

We go to expect cannot be usual during these pandemic outbreaks. You don’t have to greet your clients or guests at your office with a warm handshake. Instead, things like the Indian Namaste or foot shake have to be opted for. However, if you are really serious about preventing the spread of the Coronavirus infection, contactless visitor management is a value for money investment.

Would you like to share your opinion on how to restart office post the COVID-19 lockdown? We would love to hear from you, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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