How long does it take to restore my service? So, how long BigPond?

How long does it take to restore my service? So, how long BigPond?

So, last Sunday was a pretty windy and humid day. The 33-degree day saw a number of homes blacked out, and (as usual) problems on our public transport network. Well, turns out, it also managed to shut down BigPond connectivity for 3 days – and still ongoing.

Wait, you may be wondering why I have this problem yet managed to produce this post? Well, I have two internet connections – the BigPond Cable is used as a backup connection just in case the ADSL line goes down (and of course, it has a lower download limit since it is a backup connection). As well, it was also convenient because I have a Foxtel subscription – which is also down after the blackout.

A simple power outage does not take down entire cable connection for this long, unless something big happened. But still, I’m getting the same answer from BigPond suport. I’m getting the same answer from Foxtel support. They are waiting for the power company to restore power to their system.

And I was stuck in in long queues. I’m assuming this is a big problem in Melbourne, or somewhere in my area. But hey, I haven’t heard a peep about it on Whirlpool – and it could be because no one on BigPond can actually express their problem.

They say they will hopefully get power again by the end of today.

At least, it’s a bit reassuring that Telstra, like all of us, still has to wait for a power technician to show up.

Update: Okay, so Telstra has clarified it is a “localised fault” that just affects my area. It’s still a pain in the butt to not have connectivity for three days.

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