OPINION: How I managed to piss off Nokia fanboys with a single comment

OPINION: How I managed to piss off Nokia fanboys with a single comment

I have managed to create some sort of uproar among the Nokia fanboys. Why? How? Huh? Yes, your fellow executive editor has basically made them upset over a little comment in a video I posted about the Nokia N9 and its new operating system MeeGo.

Yes, they are pissed at the fact that I just labelled its multitasking area of the homescreen was similar to WebOS. Yes, comparing a struggling brand with a dying brand is not okay, especially for these fanboys. And those upset with that – you can’t really deny Nokia has struggled over the past few years due to competition from Android and iOS.

I think one comment put it best:

Web OS copied multitasking? What you meant to say was Meamo style multitasking. Really should do some research before spouting crap like that. I find it hard to believe Nokia would take anything from Web OS since they aren’t a serious competitor to Symbian, the future WP7 phones or Harmattan.

BTW the OS in the N9 isn’t actually MeeGo. It’s actually still Meamo running the Harmattan UI, but since it’s compatible with the MeeGo infrastructure it’s being called MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan.

I’ve also been called “stupid”. But then again, being stupid is – in my view – a better comment than what the commenters of other videos from other YouTube users. Also, at least I haven’t been labelled a fanboy of WebOS. That would be even weirder, and granted, much more stupid.

I really should clarify that I was merely talking about the look. Yes, it’s not exactly the card like movement that you would expect that from WebOS, but it still features a “card-like” shape that made me instantly connect it to WebOS. While I admit that I have not looked at (until I did further Google searches) Maemo, I have heard about it. But then again, when the tablet was released, the blog was at its infancy – and obviously, the likelihood of me able to play with Maemo was little to none.

Why am I writing about this anyways? To add more fuel to the fire? Not really. Think of this as a psuedo-apology. However, I’m not going to take down the video and re-edit it – mainly because the amount of effort in actually editing the video was pretty tiresome in itself. In addition, I really do enjoy our readers and viewers pulling us down on our tiny mistakes. It feels very community-esque, in which we tell you stuff we know and you tell us what stuff we don’t know.

So, here you go. However, whatever you may think – I managed to get you watching and reading (somewhat) our content. Therefore, to quote a person from a popular web company, “I WIN SCIENCE”.

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