HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Geeky Gifts - Wear, See and Hear

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Geeky Gifts - Wear, See and Hear


Want to give someone something a bit geeky this Christmas? Have no fear, we are here to help with some ideas on what you should give a geek. This year, we’ve split our geeky gift guide into two. While our first guide dealt with geeky toys and gizmos, our second guide – Wear, See and Hear – focuses on geeky wearables, clothing, music, movies and print.

We have tried to find items that will be available in Australia through a retailer. However, there will be some items you will have to ship from America – so, if you really want to give that person a gift, you might need to give them a late Christmas present.


LG G Watch R


There are only two smartwatches that – to me – look like an actual watch: the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R. Despite the former technically launched in October, there are very few places in Australia to purchase one. However, the LG G Watch R is available in Australia. While I haven’t personally reviewed the unit (because reasons), our good friends at Ausdroid seem to like the smartwatch. Just make sure they’re interested in any smartwatch, not just waiting for the Apple Watch coming in 2015!

Image courtesy from Ausdroid


Fitbit Charge


The Fitbit Charge is an “advanced wristband”. Like all other Fitbits, the Charge tracks all your activities – from steps taken, distance traveled, floors climbed, and even your sleeping patterns. It also comes with caller ID support, allowing you to be notified about an incoming call on the screen. With over 120+ smartphones supported with wireless sync, you can also ensure your progress is up-to-date.




Threadless has an endless amount of good geeky T-shirts, all of them designed by independent artists and voted on by the community. You are bound to find a shirt or hoodie that your recipient will like. However, if you are struggling to find something that would fit them, play it safe and buy them a gift card for them to explore the large amount of designs they have on offer.



Breaking Bad – The Complete Series


This limited edition collection features all 62 uncut and uncensored episodes of the hit TV show – all inside a metal tin with the original Heisenberg illustration. Both DVD and Blu-Ray versions come with Ultraviolet support, meaning that you can digital versions of the same episodes – though, through only JB Hi Fi Video (which requires an app).

[JB Hi Fi]

Sherlock: The Complete Series 1-3


While Sherlock doesn’t return until next year for a Christmas special and a full series in 2016, fans of the show will no doubt enjoy the Special Edition boxset. Featuring all three series, with new audio commentaries and bonus content. However, if you can find a way to import something from the UK, the BBC Store is selling a much better boxset with limited edition art cards and mini-busts of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

[ABC Store]

Living Language Dothraki


Ever wanted to learn how to speak Dothraki in Game of Thrones? There’s now an entire guide for that. The 128-page book includes step-by-step guides on how to say basic phrases, grammatical rules, and extensive vocabulary lists. It also includes a one-hour CD of “essential phrases”, and additional notes about the language and culture of the Dothraki people.

You can purchase it from any bookstore online.

[Angus and Robertson]

Offscreen Magazine


It seems ironic that a magazine billed for “pixel people” is a print periodical. Started by web designer Kai Branch, Offscreen Magazine is all about the people who use the internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses. It should be a must-read for those interested in the startup scene, or a creative person. Published in Melbourne and printed in Germany, each issue costs $22 and a three-issue subscription costs $59. I highly suggest you get the “Starter Pack”, which contains all available issues plus a pre-order for the next issue for $115.

[Offscreen Magazine]


Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Soundtrack


The best superhero movie of the year has one really awesome soundtrack. The 2CD Deluxe Edition has the Awesome Mixtape Vol 1 on one disc, and the movie score by Tyler Bates on the other. For those who love vinyl, Marvel has produced a vinyl record version of the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mixtape Vol 1 album – which you can get through WOW HD.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Soundtrack

mockingjay soundtrack

While we can argue about should the book really needed to be split into two films (c.f Marc Fennel’s rant on that issue), the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is really, really good. Curated by Lorde, it features contributions from artists like Kanye West, Charlie XCX, Chvrches, Grace Jones, and The Chemical Brothers.

The Fault in our Stars Audiobook Boxset


The Fault in our Stars Audiobook boxset features six CDs of its author John Green reading the novel. In addition, it includes a ticket and wristband for the (fictional) band The Hectic Glow; and themed postcards, stickers and pins produced by fans of the novel. Because it is designed not to compete with the original audiobook, there are only 3000 units sold exclusively through DFTBA Records and are available while stocks last.


Harry Potter Audio Book Collection


Most people would have read the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. However, hearing them being read out by Stephen Fry is an entirely different experience. While you could get the physical audio boxset, it is far cheaper to get the entire collection as digital audio files through Pottermore (since the digital version costs $330, compared to $800 for the physical version). The audiobook chapters are MP3 files, so they can be played on any device.


Spotify Premium


If you know someone that listens to music through Spotify, maybe give them a Premium subscription this Christmas season? Premium users will be able to listen to music in a better sound quality and without ads. They can also download them and listen offline, skip unlimited tracks on Spotify’s radio feature.


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