HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Gadgets for your Grandmother

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Gadgets for your Grandmother

Your Grandmother would appreciate anything you give them. But gadgets of all kinds can really change and improve their lives. The world is becoming more connected, so give them the chance to connect too.



The Kindle is renowned as one of the best ereader’s around. Not only is the Kindle great for reading, it also lets you listen to audiobooks. 

Does your Grandmother have a passion for reading? 

NixPlay Cloud Photo Frame

We all cherish memories, and there is nothing more special than sharing them with family. The NixPlay Cloud Photo Frame is a great upgrade from your usual photo frames. Allowing to add and remove media at any time through the cloud. Your Grandmother will love this gift. 

Amazon Alexa Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show

Remember how I said the world is becoming more connected? This is a great way to show your grandmother more ways! The Echo Show brings the joy of Alexa and a visual display into one. 

You can make video calls, execute Alexa commands, control your smart devices, and use a variety of alternative Alexa apps.

Tile Mate Key Tracker


When thinking about this one I realised how much I need a Tile! Losing things is hard for everyone, and your grandmother too! No more losing keys, cards, phones, books, or anything else. Tiles work together to communicate among themselves and devices to help locate lost items.

This one is easy, even you need one.

Friendship Lamps

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Living a street away, or a continent away, a way that Friendship Lamps describe as “stay connected with people you love, anywhere across the world” through the power of touch. Using it is easy “Once you have set the lamp, just touch it when you remember your loved one and that person’s lamp will light up too; reminding them that you’re thinking of them.”

You can even connect multiple lamps and add multiple colours so you know who touched the lamp.

You can grab it from their website.

It’s important that we keep in touch with relatives over the holiday period. What are you thinking of getting over the holiday period for your Grandmother? Tweet us your ideas.

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