HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Stocking Stuffers under $50

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Stocking Stuffers under $50

Kicking off our Holiday Gift Guide for 2019 is Stocking Stuffers for under $50. These are great choices for a tech enthusiast alike. Perhaps you’re participating in a Secret Santa? You’re sure to impress with these stock stuffers under $50. Lets get to it. 



Did you know IKEA sells wireless lights? You can get it in Warm White Black, Warm White “White”, and Warm White Yellow. It comes with a remote control, and requires no extensive setup.

Grab it from IKEA.

$29.99 Anker Wireless Charger

Anker provides a 10W Fast Wireless Charger, which is case friendly, and supports Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, and other common wireless charging models. These devices make lives so much easier!

You can grab it from Amazon.

$39 Google Home Mini (Refurb)

If you’re OK with a refurbished model, you can grab a Google Home Mini for $39 at Dick Smith. They actually do a lot of refurbished items that are worthwhile. Hows that for an easy gift?

Grab the Google Home Mini from Dick Smith.

$42.99 SoundPEATS

You don’t have to spend $300 on wireless headphones and earbuds these days. SoundPEATS come with a Realtek audio chip, bluetooth 5.0, a microphone, and produces decent audio output. For a stocking stuffer that gives that “WOW” factor, this is an easy one! 

Grab it from Amazon.

Amazon Echo Input Christmas Gift Guide

$55 Echo Input (Budget Breaker!)

Sometimes we like to push our budget. For that little extra you can score an Alexa Input. Which can turn any speaker into an Alexa enabled device. This is a great treat for audiophiles who don’t want to give up their audio system for Alexa.

Grab it from Amazon.

Thats a wrap. What do you think? Tweet us your input! Do you know any other stocking fillers under $50 we should have listed here?

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