Hitachi replicates 3D images that you can see without 3D glasses

It looks like Hitachi has finally solve a common problem when watching 3D TV – the glasses. Its new “Full Parallax 3D TV” product, though only having a screen size of 10 inches, recreates a 3D image without you needing those geeky looking glasses, which come in a one-size-fits-all.

It uses 16 projectors and a lens array to cover them, allowing the person to view it in any direction; and Hitachi aims to go over the limit. The current projectors use handle a resolution of 800×600 pixels, bringing the total resolution to 7.68 megapixels.

Just don’t expect to watch HD on it just yet. According to Tech-On!, there is a slight problem of the picture deteriorates if it is focused “too much”.

Source: Tech-On, via Phsyorg

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