Here are all the default wallpapers coming to Windows 11

Here are all the default wallpapers coming to Windows 11

Windows 11 has just been leaked and we've managed to find out the wallpapers. Microsoft has created 18 new wallpapers across a variety of collections.

Let's check them out.


The default background comes in both a light and dark theme, to support dark mode.

Captured Motion

The 'Captured Motion' collection shows a still frame of different shapes while they are in motion


The 'Flow' collection of wallpapers shows the flow of thin and almost flower-like shapes.


The 'Glow' collection is four space-like wallpapers showing a circular object glowing in different colours.


The “Sunrise” collection show the sun rising over various scenic landscapes, these are a clear nod to the Sun Valley codename for the Windows 11 UI.

For those of you who want to download them in their full resolution, they have been added to OneDrive by @ChangeWindows on twitter.

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