Hard drive demand will exceed supply this year

Hard drive demand will exceed supply this year

Hard drive manufacturer, Seagate has provided a financial update, reiterating that the demand for hard drives will exceed the supply this year. Meaning it will be hard to purchase hard drives at their usual cheap price. Seagate claims that prices of hard drives will remain quite stable.  “The exabyte (overall capacity) shortage will be more pronounced than the unit shortage, and as a result pricing is expected to remain stable,” Seagate added.

Due to the recent floods in Thailand, many hard drive manufacturers (such as Seagate or Western Digital) have had to stop or slow down their production. This has had a huge effect on consumers as prices have sky-rocketed and the supply of hard drives has dropped significantly.

Intel has also said it should see a fall in revenue as people will not be building new computers due to the price of hard drives. They estimate to loose $1 billion dollars in 2012.

Source: Cnet

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