HANDS ON: To win at Screencheat, you will have to cheat

HANDS ON: To win at Screencheat, you will have to cheat


You may have seen Adrian and Ashton’s take on Screencheat as part of their article quickly playing some of this year’s Indie Showcase, but I also got a chance to play the game for a couple of minutes. A friend of mine attending the show suggested that I should go play this game, saying it was pretty fun.

And I have to agree, it was pretty fun.

Screencheat looks like a standard first-person shooter, but it comes with a twist. Everyone is invisible. So how do you win? Well, you ‘cheat’ by looking at your opponents’ screen, in order to find where they are in the map. And it is not as easy as you would think. You have to figure out how to keep an eye on all three of your opponents to make sure they’re not behind you and being able to aim and shoot at your opponent.

The game is designed to be a party game, where it is played amongst friends or family.

Developed by Samurai Punk, the game was originally developed at the Global Game Jam held earlier this year with the theme “we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” After winning multiple awards from the Global Game Jam, they got a call from Surprise Attack to help them release the game.

The game has eight weapons, five distinct game modes – the traditional Deathmatch, Hillcampers, One Shot, Murder Mystery, and Capture the Fun – and five distinct and colourful maps. The game also has a colourblind mode as well, which changes the colours and adds shapes to help them uniquely identify each floor level.

Screencheat is available on all PC computers from Steam, Humble Store, GOG and other digital stores.

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