HANDS ON: Use glitches to manipulate the world in D3BUG

HANDS ON: Use glitches to manipulate the world in D3BUG


While most indies are showing titles that are near completion, there are some that are showing games that are a long way from completion – which makes it harder to write about. One such example is D3BUG, a new game from Perth-based development studio Stirfire Studios (who also created Freedom Fall).

D3BUG is a cyberpunk-inspired platformer where you have to go from point A to point B, avoiding any obstacles and monsters along the way. However, the game has an interesting mechanism – you collect ‘glitches’ that contain special powers. These special powers let you manipulate elements on the map – such as rotating and moving them – so you can use them as jumping platforms.

You can also use these powers against enemy creatures as well. However, I felt the demo does kind of brush over that fact and didn’t actually tell you how to use their power against them. It was more focused on showing you could manipulate blocks.

While they are showing off only two of the glitches at their PAX booth during the weekend; according to the development team, there will be about five ‘glitches’ when the game gets released.

However, despite the fact the game is still largely in development, I really did enjoy the demo of D3BUG. If you have the chance to check out at PAX, you should.

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