HANDS ON: SMG Studio brings One More Line & Thumb Drift to PAX Australia

HANDS ON: SMG Studio brings One More Line & Thumb Drift to PAX Australia


SMG Studio are showcasing a couple of their games at PAX Australia. Death Squared is featured in the Indie Showcase, which is a co-operative puzzle game, whereas their other two titles One More Line and Thumb Drift are more fast paced that focuses on timing and precision.

One More Line is a one button timing game where you have to swing around nodes and release at the right time to fling yourself forward, towards another node. You constantly swing around in one direction until press the button again, and your distance from the node changes the speed you rotate around it. This explanation probably sounds confusing, but the mechanic is actually very easy to learn, with the bright colours and minimal design. You can also try the game for yourself, because It is now available on iOS, Android and Steam.

Thumb Drift is a fast paced, drifting game where you control a car by sliding left and right on the screen, swerving through race tracks and trying to dodge any obstacles. You collect coins on the race tracks, which can be used to buy other cars, and being a mobile game, it provides small bursts of action and can get very addictive. The game is set to release on mobile, sometime in November 2015.

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