HANDS ON: Ratchet and Clank at PAX Aus 2015

HANDS ON: Ratchet and Clank at PAX Aus 2015

So I already freaked out about this game when the teasers and gameplay were released earlier this year, but I’m not done yet. Finally being able to hold the controller and interact with this game has been one of the biggest things driving me to attend PAX. And after all the hype, I’m happy… and I’m not.

I mean, I got to play the two demo levels already shown in the gameplay videos released ages ago. Add that to the fact that they’re both exact replica levels of the PS2 game, and you’ve got me getting the picture pretty quickly.

The graphics and flow of the gameplay are on par with the Future Series Ratchet and Clank games. It’s also still got all the classic controls, with the added support for weapons, making them far more functional than the original game did. It’s all we were promised, and it’s what I expected from a title in this series in regards to technical workings. I was also feeling the intense levels of nostalgia and love for this game that I always do.

However, I’m disappointed in the marketing of the game at the convention. The levels I played were released in full recording online in June. That’s a while ago. Could they have given something more? Perhaps a more solid snippet of story, going off what’s already revealed through the trailers, or a brand new level?

FullSizeRender 5

Hopefully PlayStation continue to keep the hype levels up, so that the game and the movie aren’t forgotten by the time April rolls around. It’s an original for the system, and it deserves more attention.

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