HANDS ON: Armed and Gelatinous

HANDS ON: Armed and Gelatinous


Armed and Gelatinous, by Three Flip Studios was turning heads at the PAX Rising area, showing off a four-player couch multiplayer game where you control a cute circular blob that can attach guns onto itself, with the objective of shooting other players for points.

Playing the deathmatch mode, the aim of the game was simple, kill the other blobs for points! Everyone starts off small with the map gradually adding obstacles and crates full of weapons. Depending on the direction you collect the weapon from, the gun will stick on that part of your body, and can be fired by pressing the right trigger. You can absorb weapons like machine guns, handguns and bazookas, growing a little bit each time you pick up a weapon. There is also a dash ability that lets you evade players and projectiles, or you can use it offensively and ram into other players to steal their weapons.

The game is like a twisted version of tag, where the largest blob, the one with the most weapons, becomes the primary target – with the other players having a temporary alliance to take down the biggest player. Its a fun multiplayer experience, as everybody is rushing to collect as many weapons as they can, as well as trying to survive. You can also customise the rounds, changing the game mode to stock, timed or deathmatch, also able to select the arsenal of weapons and random items that appear during the match.

The game has been greenlit on steam, but no release date has been announced, you can also expect to see it on the Xbox One, PS4 and WiiU.

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