Hands On: Apple Music for Android

Hands On: Apple Music for Android

apple music beta-1

Apple has today released a Beta version of Apple Music on Google Play, for all to download and test. Of course, the app is very worthy of the Beta tag. Currently, Apple Music Videos aren’t available, the Apple ID signin process needs to be optimised and you can’t sign up for Apple Music through the app yet – that still needs to be done on a supported devices.

While the app does have a Beta tag, it does already seem quite refined and works well on my Moto X. The design does closely follow it’s iOS counterpart but with some small hints of Android Material Design. During testing, I’ve found some issues with the app, including not being able to download any playlists or music to my phone, playlists not syncing correctly and some album art not appearing. However, this seems like a great start for the Apple Music service to launch on the Android platform. It’s also a great sign that Apple are willing to release pre-release software out into the open for testing by the public.

apple music screenshots

If you’re interested in taking a look yourself, you can checkout the Google Play page.

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