HANDS ON: Bonza shows that I can't spell coz I'm Smrt

HANDS ON: Bonza shows that I can't spell coz I'm Smrt


A brief description of the Bonza could be a combination between crosswords and Scrabble, as player must make words from a set number of pieces. Although the game sounds simple by moving pieces until they connect, it is actually more difficult. While it easy to drag pieces until they connect, Bonza fixes this issue by only connecting piece if the right word is formed. So no lucky guesses people.

I had a chance to try the game at PAX Australia and let’s just say I need to stop depending on spell-check. The game has a well-done tutorial which explains the mechanics visually. While the first set of puzzles were simple and straightforward, as you progress the difficulty increases. According to the game’s developer, the difficulty was meant to vary as you continue so players don’t feel discouraged at higher levels. Additionally, I had a glimpse of the final level: Aussie Lingo. While the level was meant to be extremely difficult (especially for non-Australian), the developer explained the hint mechanics which players exchange 50 gold pieces for one word. These gold pieces can be acquired from playing the game normally or from micro transactions.

The features a lot of puzzles that will test your spelling abilities and your persistence. Moreover, the game features daily puzzle which adds one new level where players can test there spelling ability. However each level has limited replay ability as the words and the letters are fixed.

The game is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

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