HANDS ON: Battle in your undies with 'Brief Battles'

HANDS ON: Battle in your undies with 'Brief Battles'


Brief Battles, as the title suggests, is a fast-paced 2.5D platforming multiplayer game that sees you and your friends battling out for supremacy. Your weapons come from whatever underwear you find on the map and use – such as toxic goo pants, flaming hot tightie whities, and “buns of steel”.

Given the fast-pace nature and each round is usually one minute long, gameplay is simple. You essentially mash buttons to attack your foes, dodge and weave around the map to avoid them attacking you and any obstacles that the game decides to throw in. It’s also very quick to learn, though some moves may take more than a round or two to get better.

As opposed to other platforming games, Brief Battles also includes a climbing mechanic that lets you hang onto walls and adds a layer of verticality that can be useful for getting around the map or escaping danger


Two-man team Juicy Cupcake are hoping to encourage local multiplayer gaming, and bring back that feeling of playing video games with friends in the same room. Inspired by games like Towerfall, Overcooked and Smash Bros, Juicy Cupcake, as well as multiple game developers here at PAX Rising, are bringing back that aspect of couch multiplayer.

Juicy Cupcake are showing off an alpha build of the game at PAX Australia this year, featuring the deathmatch mode and a rotation of different maps. They say that there will be more familiar multiplayer game modes and dynamic themed maps in the full version.

Brief Battles will be available on PC, with plans to release on consoles as well – but you will have to wait until next year to get your hands on the game.

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