Halo:CE remake or Halo 4?

Halo:CE remake or Halo 4?

Rumour has it, that Microsoft’s newly formed Halo studio, 343 Industries, might’ve been assigned to create a Halo: Combat Evolved remake.

According to a few sources, this updated game could run on the Halo: Reach engine and might be released earlier than expected, probably earlier than a Halo 3 sequel. It is not known whether 343 Industries are deciding to remake Halo: Combat Evolved, or to continue on from Master Chief’s story. But it is certain that new Halo game will be released by 2012.

If this rumour is true, the remade Halo: Combat Evolved could release on the original game’s tenth anniversary, which is on November, 2011. Microsoft has also expressed their interest in adopting an annual release for the Halo series. Do you think this will be a great idea?

In my opinion, a Halo: CE remake would great, and releasing it on the original’s 10th anniversary would be even more great. I hope they add more features and tweak the graphics, but overall i think a remake would be an awesome idea to show off 343 Industries’ talent. At the same time though, I would really like to see what happens to Master Chief at the end of Halo 3. From all the information and rumours spreading around, MC may be heading towards a Forerunner Shield Planet, which brings a new storyline to the Halo franchise.

Halo:CE remake and Halo 4 will both be interesting games, since 343 Industries are assigned to continue the Halo franchise as well as create a new game. I hope 343 Industries don’t ruin the series, since their are rumours surrounding the new games saying that they might create a Halo 3rd person shooter…really?!

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